RP: Several Trips

After a few days at home, as always, I began to wonder about things in Singapore. I had received several smses from Han Jun about the poster, but I had no possible way to return the smses, as my phone line did not support outgoing international calls and my internet was down. I managed to get a person to type my stuff down and send it online using his computer for the introduction, but that is about all. Anyway, those are beyond my help now.

In any case, I was also too busy going around Kuala Lumpur to actually accomplish much on the project. A trip down to Sunway Pyramid was rather fun, as I had a double appointment there. We also managed to squeeze time to watch Cicakman there, something we should never had done. The movie was in a word, completely-a-ripoff-and-horrible-typical-of-Malaysian-show-type movie! However, I did not manage to get the present I was promised due certain technicalities that I shall not elaborate further on here. It is in this spirit that I find things rather saddening and pathetic in my blog, as I can no longer voice things as I wish. I sometimes wonder if it would be better to return to my written diary and just scribble there?

Moving on, I also visited a dentist today, as I suspected I had a jaw problem (it was aching whenever I tried to chew something). My suspisions were soon confirmed when the dentist noted that I had a loose jaw, and advised me to take good care of the joint and try not to abuse it. Truthfully speaking, I had suspected worse, due to my standard of oral hygiene. But, I can’t really say I am complaining…


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