RP: Home At Last

At long last, I have finally got home from a rather testing few months at Singapore. It is true that a lot of things have happened,a nd a lot of things have passed by. Upon my return, it is always customary for me to go out with my friends and roam around Kepong, but, I took it upon myself to stay home for a few days. As to why, let’s just attribute it to a extra-sensory perception of mine picking up some negative vibes in the air.

Thus so, as Saturday came, I found it was a welcome day to me. It was my uncle’s house-warming party at Bukit Jalil. It was in a rather isolated area, and it took quite a while to navigate there. I managed to meet and catch up with some of my relatives there. One funny event was when my uncle’s fiance’s nephew (quite far, lol) tried to compete barking with a dog. He was soon joined by his loyal cohort of brothers and cousins (all younger than him) and it soon turned into a full-blown event. The one thing that passed through my mind at that moment was nostalgic, and I was reminded of my younger days. It was a fun period, and I am in no hurry to dismiss those memories.

I also met two Universiti Malaya economics professor there. One of them had a Japanese wife, even. There goes my image of dry, wilting old men married to thier books and life’s work down the drain. I should have been expecting this, though, as many of the professors I have met through the duration of my research had bore none of those signs. The other professor was the one I was engaged in a conversation to; he struck me as one who gave a lot of encouragement, but he also did give me some advice as to my studies.

As so as it turns out, even after I have been accustomed to Singapore, I still found it quite enjoyable to be able to sleep and wake up as I like, and to be able to live with no worries hanging over my head. The latter part might not be so true, as I have some nagging feelings at the back of my head that asks me to work on my IS, SSEF and the Online Stock Exchange Challenge. But, as always, I banished them to the darkest corners of my mind and sat to relax through the holidays. Perhaps this is the life.


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