The Return

December 15th marked my return to Malaysia after my longest stint in Singapore so far. I had already about gotten used to the atmosphere in Singapore, hence, the awkward feelings that had initially been there had finally disappeared. Perhaps disappeared is not really the proper word for this context, ‘buried’ will be more appropriate in this statement. Today had been a hectic day of running around between Boon Lay and Lavender, by no means a short and entertaining trip. However, it would also be worthy to note that today is also by no means an unimportant or idle day.

It began with me waking up late for my attachment I (exactly one hour late, if I may add) and me rushing to NUS. In my haste, I had forgotten to bring along my library books, which I was supposed to return before I travel home. After my little ‘detour’, I had proceeded to complete my documentation for the SSEF, both at IMRE and at NTU. The registration at both sides, though, were fraught and riddled with a lot of problems. Enough being said and after going through the painstaking process of rectifying all those troubles, I ended up talking to Dr. Shu till seven instead of hurrying home to pack.

It was not a fatal mistake, but a time-costing one. Little did I suspect that my problems will later be compounded with more problems at the hostel. The packing took less time than I had expected (a pleasant surprise) but the storage room was chock full. With only some time before my bus leaves, I took time off to appreciate denouncing the uncivilised buffoons who decided to block even the pathway to place our boxes, and was forced to toss mine unceremoniously into the store before finished my packing, after which, I was told that our room assignment were out and we could place our boxes there. *curses luck* I was even forced to borrow ten bucks from the laundry lady because of the delays to pay for my taxi fee.

In the end, I finally managed to get on the bus on time. The bus trip itself was relatively uneventful, save for the fact that Tuas Checkpoint was full of vacationers on their trip to Malaysia. I took the time off that time to reminisce on the events that had occurred in the past year. Of course, some had been sweet, but some had also been very bitter; enough to leave a sour aftertaste in the mouth. I will probably reach Puduraya by 4, wonder what will await me from there onwards?



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  2. Junella ;) said

    Hey, it’s me. Belated Merry Christmas and a belated belated birthday. So sorry I forgot *guilty face* Don’t know when you’re gonna read this, but if you are, check ur email. I mailed some stuff to ya

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