The final week of the IMRE attachment has finally come. After the jubilation at having survived through a few weeks of literal transitions between unlimited work and boredom, there came the feeling of depression for I had to clean up my room for my vacation; no mean feat, if I may say so myself. My room, having been void of any occupant save for myself for about a fortnight, is slowly and steadfastly resisting any changes that I try to impose upon the system. (i.e. through my rather pathetic acts of trying to clean up and packthe organised mess that my room has become)

Truth be told, even though I had been so yearning to go home for the entire duration of the holidays up until about just now, I cannot but have this feeling of wanting to stay, not only because of my reluctance to clean up my room, but also, even though I try to deny it, because I had grown somewhat attached to my old room and am unwilling to part with it; however uncomfortable it might prove to me. Perhaps this is the obstacle set before me before I can finally go home and reunite my family and old friends.

Unfortunately for myself, that is not the only problem that has set itself before my trip home. I also had my KI Independent Study, the research and registratio0n papers for SSEF and school homework to tackle when I get back. Not a very welcoming prospect, if I may say so myself. “That which cannot kill you will serve to make you stronger.” I wonder now how true the statement is. But, even if it proves true, it is not comforting for the heart, for it predicts not a ‘happily-ever-ending’ future, but a future fraught of problems, disagreements and destruction. Then again, our society is already a dog-eat-dog world, what difference does this make now?


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