The moon tonight is obscured from my view, hidden behind the vast plateau of clouds floating above me; a sign of passing or past rain. Although the lunar rays were hidden, I can easily tell that the night tonight is a full moon night for I had been observing the moon phases for a few days already.

My thoughts were then diverted into the astrological zodiacs that I had read earlier in Wikipedia (no thanks to my partner’s recent obsession into FFXII). My astrological zodiac sign read me as a Sagittarius, but the actual constellation governing the skies at that period and now, is Ophiuchus or Serpentarius; what some scientists claimed was the 13th Zodiac sign. A part of me then lamented on the sheer ridiculity of trying to unite astrology and astronomy. Still, it is rather interesting to note this fact; perhaps it may come into use someday.

Gravitating from the heavens to the earth, I celebrated my 18th birthday today; a sign of transition from childhood to adulthood. A million questions should have run through my head then; questions that I had pondered upon when I was young, that I had feared to face, that I had feared to answer. Yet, I managed to find the shred of determination within myself to block the whole dilemma out of my head. Heck, it’s my birthday, and I want to enjoy it.

Xinyi also has her birthday today, which is not surprising, since she shared the same birthday with me. Interestingly, she also found the occasion apt to play a prank on everyone, which I shall not elaborate much upon. Perhaps her birthday wish to be 12 again (she was turning 17) urged her on to it? If so, maybe her wish was fulfilled. On another interesting note, only 2 people in IMRE remembered the occasion, and ironically, both were not from my research team. But then again, I myself did forget the previous few years so, I can’t really blame them, can I?


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