Faded Memories

I found that my memories of my life back in Malaysia is ailing. I have already forgotten a lot of stuff, and learnt to take a lot of things that are exclusive to here for granted. Perhaps I should not do so; but isn’t this just another sign of adaptation to life in Singapore? And is that not supposed to be good?

On another note, I finally repaired my spectacles today at Boon Lay. After managing to get a 50 dollar discount thanks to the coupon provided by the hostel (I had lost the one given to me by the school together with our report cards and had conveniently pilfered one from the hostel office), there I was with my new glasses. Unfortunately, probably from the effects of not wearing them for five days, I had a headache as soon as I put them on. The optician there suggested that I wear them after waking up the next day, and I did just that. And guess what, no headaches. Though I still got to get used to the frame shape, which is tickling my head, giving me the impression that I have a bug stuck in my hair.

Besides my glasses, yesterday also witnessed SSEF registry getting over and done with. It had been a harrowing experience of rushing, editing, rushing, editing, discussing, disagreeing, long-distance calling, insomnia-ing, rushing and editing. With that finally over and behind me, I set to work to changing my SAT II dates, which I am sadly unprepared for, due to the high level of activity this week. And guess what, I needed to make a call to the United States to change it. Forced to asked my parents to call for me (with the usual disagreement and grumbling on both parties), I eventually got it changed to May 5th. Though not exactly my month of choice, the timing is not too bad, though I will have to check it out later too.

Han Wuen came over to my hostel today. True to his personality, the first thing he did when he got here was to doze off. I wonder, how many people come over to visit their friends and sleep there? *sweatdrops* Anyway, he was just over to leech some of my stuff, and probably borrow a place to sleep, not that he don’t have a hostel though. At any rate, it was fun having someone to talk to instead of just the four walls and my computer screen to gaze at. Well, it is back to the computer screen and the four walls now. Maybe I should cook some food and watch a movie or two…


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  1. mediocre said

    Ah, it has been a long time since I post comment on your blog.

    Fading of memory is quite normal anyway…sounds a bit extreme, but I deem those who keep remembering the past and forgetting the present rather naive. (Naive is the good word, bad word would be s*****) So it doesn’t really matter if you begin to forget about Malaysia, since you will eventually gain them back if you return to Malaysia, and the memory is certainly redundant if you don’t plan to return.

    Just like Buddhism advocates (though I am not one of the Buddhists), appreciate the present instead of the past.

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