The registration deadline for the Singapore Science and Engineering Fair is getting ever closer. My projects, though, are still far from the standard required of the competition itself. Even though it is just the registration stage, I am already so flustered by it that I am having a little trouble sleeping over contemplating the abstracts for my entries. The problem is compounded with Prof. Shu asking us to submit our powerpoint slides, claim forms and project report for NRP. One little detail that I failed to mention to him though, was that our project report is probably far from finished.

One of my fellow attachment student in IMRE also found it apt to play a trick on me today. She told me the deadline for SSEF registration was today about a half hour from midnight. I rushed just to find out later that the deadline was tomorrow. An incensing experience…

Also, this is already my third day without my spectacles. Having spectacularly ruined them on Monday, I had conducted an experiment to try and live without them. Well, beside hailing a few wrong buses and having to squint to actually see what is going on in lab, it was not all that bad. Guess I could live without my spectacles after all. However, the headache that I get when I use the computer too much without my sepectacles is a little suspicious.


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