A Long Night

We had finally entered the third week of our research attachment at IMRE. To say the truth, the lack of progress that we had is very disturbing, in contrast to the rates in which the other teams are progressing. Therefore, we decided to take things more into our hands and take a more aggresive approach to our project.

This resulted in me staying back after 7 to conduct a research on some RIE-ed samples of silicon wafers coated with nanospheres that had been done by one of the undergrads here. It had been a rather monotonous affair ending with me going back to the hostel at 1, by taking the last available 183 bus.

At any rate, at least my access card could now access the cards after hours, because I passed the EHS test that we took last Wednesday. Even though I had just skimmed through the notes beforehand, I still managed only to make three mistakes through the 60-question paper. My partner was not so lucky though, he failed by making 11 mistakes.

I sense I am ranting again. Perhaps it would be better to cut this short.


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