Leaving on A Jet Plane

The hostel has become so ever quiet again. I guess that cannot be helped, since everyone is leaving for home; everyone that is, besides those that still have some work to do (who are also leaving soon), and the new ASEAN Scholars (no Malaysians though) who are pretty much not allowed to go home, since they just arrived here and they also have their bridging course to complete. It is likely that the hostel will not reach the degree of solitude similar to that in the May-June holidays though; at that time, there was pretty much not a soul around, and I basically did not utter a word for about a week, excluding the phone calls from my mother, and even then, I did not speak much. That probably explains my inclination towards keeping to my own nowadays.

The IMRE attachment today was also rather uneventful, only the first part of my morning was taken up in a deep discussion about LEDs, photonic crystals, RIE (Reactive Ion Sketching) mechanisms, and AFM photos of RIE-ed silicon wafers. Judging from the fact that probably did not make much sense to the average reader, I would like to append a footnote to that: It is my research topic, and for the last time, do not try to ask me about the complex terms. šŸ˜› The rest of today’s attachment went along dutifully uneventful. After having searched for some Game Theory research papers at the Student Computer Lab, I did not bother to hang around much, and just went for lunch before heading straight back to the hostel to catch up on sleep.

Having waken up at 6 today morning to review the research papers, I had a serious lack of sleep problem. My biological clock had yet to reset itself, giving me serious insomniac cases on unearthly hours. Although… it could also be attributed to my late-night anime watching lately, which had conveniently revived itself, seeing that I could not sleep at all. Actually, had the internet been online at that time, I could have spent my time on better means like researching my IS or any of my other pursuits, but that is probably just wishful thinking on my part. On the other hand, even if the Internet was online, I still could not guarantee that I will work on my IS; so, all’s fair, I guess.

I took the title of this entry from a song, as you may have noticed. To the truest of my emotions, this is probably what I am feeling right now too. It is also a very appropriate phrase to describe the condition in the hostel at its current state. Well, I have about three weeks before home, guess I will have to make them count!


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