The end of NRP?

The days running up to the NRP Presentation in NTU was not a few days to envy. One will have to slog through the many findings and resolve to create the perfect way to present them to the waiting adjudicators. Truth be told, there had not been much results on our part, mostly because bothy of us failed to comprehend most of what the professor had wanted us to do. Not because we were too lazy to understand, but more likely because our brains failed to reconcile two concepts that felt like polar opposites in nature; one utterly ancient, and the other so new. One similarity that could be brought to hand though, would be both were done by the genii of their time.

What exactly am I talking about? Pretty much, this would be my NRP project, to reconcile and integrate the ancient 36 Strategies (三十六记) into a modern concept known to most of us as the Game Theory. Not an enviable task, but definitely an interesting one, if taken at a proper perspective, as commented by one of our adjudicators that day. However, we made the silly mistake of underestimating our plight, and coupled with my flop on the presentation itself, ended up with only a Merit Award for the whole program. Although this is not much to whine about, as we still received our prize award and our certificates, but pride still demands that we make up for it.

Truthfully, I was not really expecting much from the NRP endeavour. Firstly, our research is hardly finished, and furthermore, we had yet to fully grasp the concept of the Game Theory. Well, guess I will just have to make it up in the SSEF next year. After the finale of the NRP (though we still have a research report to hand up, but I doubt many had done or will do so), I headed for the CCAAB Camp finale. Though officially not a participant of the camp, I was still technically a student leader, and as such, I could attend the final, or what they call, the Graduation Dinner. Quite a nice affair, it was, especially the food, and there, I also settled a few of my problems.

Feeling supremely out of place, as people were mingling amongst their own team members, I just wandered around the area talking to those that I know. I had been to camps before, and thus, I knew the feeling of familiarity and bonding that had arisen out of a team that had been through a few days of hell. It is a very much wonderful feeling, and the atmosphere at the finale itself is both intoxicating and saddening at the same time. At that very moment, I felt a ghastly pang of regret for not joining them earlier, though not that I had a chance to do so. However, the feeling soon subsided in the din of celebration and I returned back to the hostel that night (in my friend, Junwei’s car) experiencing a rather comfortable and accomplished feeling.

As the feeling is finally wearing off now to be replaced with exhaustion, my mind wandered to the more mundane aspects of my life. The hostel will soon be empty, and people are leaving, even as I sit here typing this entry. More work awaits me in the form of IMRE Research and the resolution of my entries in SSEF and the Internet Stock Exchange Competition. I am not to rest, just yet.



  1. mash said

    food is always important! (:

  2. anon said

    what comfortable and accomplished feeling?

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