EHS Training

Finally, we have reached the end of our Environment, Health and Safety training at IMRE (Institute of Materials Research and Engineering). After two days of mind-boggling speeches, subtle threats, and all sorts of other deterrents thrown in, we are finally given the green light to prowl around the facility (not literally, for obvious reasons, and not every nook and cranny either) I guess them letting us around the facility and to use certain stuff is already kind enough, since we are *technically* like curious little kids. (the ways adults think…)

Our project there, according to my supervisor, will be on the development of next-generation light emitting diodes that will consume less energy and still provide greater light intensity compared to the LEDs of today. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to go too deeply into the details of the project here due to *ahem* professional ethics. It would, however, be suffice to say that the project will be quite interesting and piques my interest and curiosity, but, should you see the amount of reading that our supervisor threw at us… Let’s just say it is not a light affair, plus, it also has the added bonus of it being completely in technical scientific jargon, which is almost indecipherable to most people, me included. This also means, not very much to my pleasure, that I would probably be spending my time deciphering the text in front of a scientific encyclopaedia, rather than just my trusty bed and pillow.

At the meeting, which was quite boring for both days, most of us decided to talk around to allevaite the intensely suffocating atmosphere. As such, we talked around with the people beside us, which I hardly know. And, what did you know; the person beside me shared the same birthday with me. One might remark that such an occurance would not be very strange, but what exactly would have been the chances of this happening? Even stranger is the fact that I actually noticed the date of birth that was written in her application form; something that people would not normally notice. Fact can indeed be stranger than fiction, but, then again, this is a large world…

P.S. Actually, the chances of the event above happening, might not be so infintesimal after all, as mentioned in *some* sources. :p


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  1. smallfry said

    Hi. Do you know how to get in touch with Ms Malini Lim? Thanks very much and God bless you.

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