KI Excursion

Another day of early awakenings was in store for me this morning, when they informed me of the KI meeting at 9am in the Media Resource Lounge in the library. Having been assigned to a Mrs. Elaine Low for the IS earlier, it now seems that she would not have the time to guide us through the IS after all, and we were all reassigned under either Mr Perrin or Mr Daniel Tan. Being stuck with Daniel Tan, I considered re-changing my approach with the IS, but having not done much research upon the matter itself, I couldn’t really do much on the matter. Unfortunately again for me, they both limited consulting period strictly to November only, which is almost impossible for me. Looks like I will have a LOT!!! of work to do ahead of me (as if I didn’t know already…)

After the meeting itself, I was hoping for some quality snoozing time in the library, but we were dragged along to Takashimaya’s Kinokuniya to purchase books relevant to our IS topics for our KI resources in the library. With a budget of about S$1000, we set off to get our own respective books. Bitterly, I was stuck with only one book, and only managed to use like a measly 20 dollars out of the 100 dollars we were all allocated. *Should have taken more expensive books, huh?* It is too late to weep over spilt milk, anyway.

On a side note, it also was a highly unnerving day, because the anti-theft alarms kept ringing as I walked past them. Investigations soon revealed the source of the alarm or its trigger to be, none other than the NLB book that I had brought along, just so in case I was bored. Not a very wise decision, if I may add. Well, after experiencing the alarms walking both IN (illogical, huh?) and out of stores, I was wise enough to shove the book into the hands of the security everytime it happens. Particularly incensed after that, I made my way back as soon as my business was done.

With the approaching NRP deadlines, it is a wonder that I can still stay so calm. Anyway, these two days will pretty much dictate the direction of our NRP project and presentation later this month. Should I work on it, or should I just let Sai, who had been slacking, work on it? Perhaps we both should do something. Well, I guess that there’s always tomorrow, right? *Slacker…*


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  1. shOoKying said

    always c u busy for assignment de…lolz..take care lor…ohya~thx for u coMment..paiseh ya..long time din updated blog liao…:) i updated new 1 liao..go n c^^

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