The Oral Presentation

The dreaded day for Oral Presentations has finally arrived. It had been a long and harsh journey, littered with overdue deadlines, half-hearted meetings, horrible negotiations and temporary compromises. Truth be told, I am ready to guarantee that no living J1 would ever describe Project Work as easy and fun; in actual fact, it was a chore akin to being involved in a highly stressful project. (maybe not completely, but close enough)

The Oral Presentation went on fairly smoothly, owing thanks to our large number of practice sessions prior to the assessment itself, and we actually managed to have some fun during our presentation itself. That phenomenon is highly rare in itself, but judging from experience, having fun during something normally entails a fairly resounding success for that something we were involved in.

However, I still could not be too overjoyed and hope that we had all achieved Band 1. Our group had been but packed pile of dry sand before, and thus much is reflected in our earlier endeavours ergo, our PIs, EoMs and WR. Furthermore, our project itself had not been a easy one, and although it was interesting and managed to draw attention, it actually had no concrete backing and could be brought down to earth ust as easily.

But, enough with the pessimism. The onus now is that I survived PW, and I have a sticker to prove it! (Highly, highly lame) Moving on after the OP itself, I (with the rest of the malay class) paid a visit to our old retired teacher, Mr Ayob. Not a person to be despised, he actually owns a terrace house in Choa Chu Kang, putting him among those in the ‘better-off’ bracket. And there we were thinking that he would just be another teacher living in a somewhat cozy but mediocre house.

There were just four of us students from his Malay class (because the rest, for some reason or another, could not make it), and he treated us to a Penang Laksa dinner at his house. The laksa was rather good, considering the fact that I was rather full and unwilling to consume it. He drove us to the nearest MRT station after that, and invited us to visit him again.

After the visit itself, and still having the adrenaline from finishing PW and J1 in my veins, I decided to go to the cinema instead of heading back to the hostel. ‘Flushed Away’, the movie I watched, proved to be highly interesting and humorous, not to mention also packing a fair share of parodies into the two hours of its film time. Having thoroughly enjoyed myself when I returned to the hostel, the adrenaline effect had worn off, and there I was left with a sour aftertaste. I still have the impending NRP, IMRE and SAT IIs, in that particular order, to be completed. And even if I have finished, I still have to finish my IS and Driving Tests.

I sometimes just wish for a really, really, really long vacation away from everything. But, we can’t all have what we want, can we? Sigh…


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