Dinner and Dance

Our hostel commemorated its first anniversary yesterday with a celebratory dinner and dance. It had been an extravagant event, with all of us required to come in formal wear. However, as great as it may seem, the amount of food present was abysmal, having only two measly side-dishes and a small main course. Although this is to be expected, I still did not appreciate the fact that normal dinner served more than this.

That, fortunately, did not spoil the fun of the night. The most enjoyable event of the night was the dance itself, though I had originally thought of it as a bane rather than a boon. The music mixing was done fairly well, and pretty much all of us went wild that day, just having fun dancing to the beat. The excitement was such until I found it hard to sleep that night, and screwed up my biological clock for the next few days, too.

After the event, I reached the hostel looking like I just took a bath with my clothes on. Not that that is highly unusual for me, but in formal clothes? Must have been a sight to behold. On another note, the confirmed promotional examinations results have been released. I managed a score of 3A2B1D; assuring myself a spot in JC2 and next year’s scholarship. One mild problem though, this score does not allow me to undertake a H3 next year, thanks to the D grade. Wonder how could I make it through this?



  1. Hoyk said

    Refering to your results u did quite well . Well done & Gongrats.
    What treat do u want?
    Keep up the hard work.
    For the D …Chia yau as your friends say.

  2. shOoKying said

    as long as u try de best alreadi ah…then gambate lor…as u “sis” i will give support to u de…hehe šŸ™‚

  3. purplejelly said

    you can dance!!! =D

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