The Second Tribulation of Ice

Out of the many freezing cold lecture theaters in NUS, we are interested in only one: LT27, for today, this lecture theatre is playing host to the 19th Singapore Physics Olympiad for the Junior College Level. Truth be told, I had already mostly given up on the paper because of my abysmal amount of comprehension in the physics concept taught and needed in this paper. The notes given to us on the subject would have been no different even had it been written in Greek; they made absolutely no sense to us whatsoever.

Fast forward to the day of the event itself, after many torturous and arduous days with deciphering the notes, we finally arrived at the paper itself. It was not the grand setting I had imagined, though. In fact, it was even more informal than the almost impromptu Nanyang Biology Paper I went for earlier this year. Since we were allowed to sit next to each other, it almost feels as if they were encouraging cheating among the participant. Not that it would really amount to anything, I guess; everyone present is almost as equally clueless (maybe some less so like the participants from a few JCs which *ahem* had undergone intensive training) as the others.

Looking at the standard of questions, I noticed that they had tuned down the question difficulty compared to the rigour of the questions normally set to us by our teacher. However, the answer still lies beyond our grasp, just beyond the realm of our understanding. The freezing cold lecture theatre did little to lighten our moods and assist our comprehension either. At these moments, I was promptly reminded of the advice my teacher gave me a mere day before the olympiad itself: Tomorrow, if you don’t know how to answer the questions, just give them rubbish. And rubbish is what I gave them. Since it was a subjective paper, I just tossed in some half-baked physics concepts and hoped for my salvation. *smiles cynically*

Well, with that over and behind me, the time has come to concentrate on the Project Work Oral Presentation and the NRP Research Paper. And did I mention my Knowledge and Inquiry Independent Study paper? This year has far from ended…


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