ACJC Tradition

ACJC is renowned for one curious tradition that it had carried out from times of antiquity till now; the free dinner provision for students staying after six to study. It is mainly provided by some more philanthropic parents, with the assistance of several teachers. For the normal Singaporean, it might just mean free food; but for the scholars, it is a good break from the dreadful monotony of hostel and canteen food.

This tradition, or so I deem to call it, for this year, began after the preliminary examinations for the J2s and just ended today, with a great feast of catered Western food and barbecued meat. When one looks at the galore of food there, they cannot but stop to think about their former school, and reminisce on how it was there. Well, for one, my alma mater provided no facility whatsoever for those staying back to study, let alone free food. One improvement to my life as a student, I say this is, and I rightfully point it out as such.

Speaking of improvements, my luck could use some for today. After being splashed with dhall and sliding a couple of feet on the floor due to a misstep, I learnt to be more careful with any further action I will be executing today. (*Gasp* Am I getting superstitious??!!) For all that I have ever argued in my disbelief of theology and mysticism, this trait would make me a hypocrite, would it not? Sigh, I am truly just grasping on straws to write this entry. Hopefully I will have some better inspiration next time.


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