The First Tribulation of Fire

After two insomniac nights and much pain and suffering, the Written Report of AC075 is finally behind me. It had been a ‘wonderful and educational’ experience, providing us with an ‘interesting’ activity in which to spend our ‘extra’ time on. In short, it was food for thought and very much ‘enlightening’ for both the body, mind and soul; sort of like chicken soup for all the three above. That aside, there isn’t really much left to ‘praise’ about in PW; all that we could say is already said and done, and is also past behind us.

With the end of one problem, yet another begins. Today is also the day where we get to check our scripts for our Promotional Examinations (also means we get a sneak peek at our marks). I managed a score of AACCC… S (*turns green* what is that letter doing here??!!) in the unmoderated form of our scores. Well, it is truly not an enviable result, but I hope it is enough for me to apply my way into H3 Mathematics next year. H3 Physics is probably out of the question; it was the subject I got the S for… =.=|||

But even while I am writing this, all these problems are still not officially resolved. Come Wednesday, our EoM and I&R must be ready; and we will get the final (hopefully) moderated grades. The final D-Day of Term 4, as I know it, and another wall I have to surmount through the course of my stay in Singapore. Speaking of which, Howard told me that a number of AJ J1 Scholars did not make it; whereas Karen told me only 1 failed. Who should I believe? Perhaps only time can tell…


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  1. shOoKying said

    always c u busy for assignment n exam de…sO must “jia you” lor..taKe cAReE..:)

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