Life After Promos

SAT Is and the ACJC Open House came and went. It is amazing how fast time can fly by, even when you are spending most of the time writhing in misery and burying yourself in books, or mugging. Perhaps this phenomenon can be allotted to the upcoming passing-up of the Project Work Written Report and Oral Presentations. I have read that when the thing you dread have yet come to pass, time will seem to just fly by; while when the thing you dread is going on, time will slow down to a crawl. Well, I recently discovered (not pleasantly) that when these two circumstances overlap, time still flies by, giving an importance rule to the former rather than the latter.

Ahh… I am just ranting! About the SAT Is, the mathematics section was ridiculously simple (compared to my Promotional Exams paper anyway) as opposed to the English section, which was quite accessible, with the blatant exception of a few questions that had relatively obscure words that I could not comprehend at all, to my dismay. It was not an enlightening experience; the 4-hour ordeal in the Sports Complex, nor was the Open House very pleasant to prepare for and execute. But, somehow, I pulled through, as always (can’t die, can I?) and am now awaiting my next ordeal.

Sometimes, I just feel like screaming to the heavens asking WHY… Why is there so much work to do; so much to complete?? But then again, I do not believe in the being up there, so I wouldn’t be expecting a reply anyway. Frustration manifests itself in a million subtle ways, and this is but merely another output. Sigh, the Promotional Exams are over, but the torture still goes on…. When will this all end?

On a crisper note, we had our Mother Tongue SEAB Test today. *Enough with the stupid mock exams!!! >.< * Not really feeling well, I slept through an hour of the three, having completed my essay in thirty minutes. Well, guess those torturous KI essay exams had some benefits after all…


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