End of Exams, or Maybe Not…

The Promotional Exams have finally ended amidst a terrible day of haze on Friday. The Chemistry paper was quite tough, but, since it was almost a carbon copy of our Revision Lectures, it was not such an insurmountable affair. On the other hand, for those who did not come for or study the Revision Lectures at all; I can only wish them good luck in getting the results. In general, the Promos is definitely not as easy as the Terms; it requires a paradigm leap away from our previous mindset.

Our exams may have ended for now, but with the closure of this chapter, a more worrisome chapter will begin, the final lap of JC1: The Project Work and Examination Results Lap. With our Project Work title rejected and changed again for the third time, the sense of optimism within my group has certainly dulled, and all of us are definitely not looking forward to a few days of information-digging hell. Furthermore, with the impending concerns of the SAT and the Physics SPA Assessment, things are far from looking up right now, even if the exams are indeed over.

Nothing takes precedence over the couple of certificates that supposedly will guarantee my future for the next few decades which I am studying so hard for right now. However, in this brief reprieve from such pressures, I am forced to think hard about the veracity of those very certificates and the meaning of all my efforts and achievements. And, the answer that I came up with is definitely no less comforting than the situation itself; I do not have time to worry about this. Such a tight rat-race this race for qualifications has become, until we could not afford to waste our time and energy on debating the very reason as to why we commit ourselves to such a cause. An unsettling thought, indeed.


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  1. shOoKying said

    wish u can score good result..all the best lor..u sure can de…^^ wei…u owed me somethings oh..haha…my teDdYbeaR pic ler???Lolz…miss ya..

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