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The examinations have crept up right around the corner while I was off snoozing away in the comfortable landscape of my dreams. As highly unreassuring as this is, I can say that the most unsettled of all would be my anxiety itself. I do not know if anxiety works like pain; when it gets too intense, our sense of it becomes paralysed, and we can no longer feel. This would conveniently explain why I feel so calm and serene, so unwilling to do the least revision, and this, incidentally, is also what is worrying me.

I am tired from running around from a constant fear. When will this ever end? It all goes back to the ultimate question of why do we exist. Even though we affirmed our own existence, in the numerous millenia that have passed, none have found a satisfactory answer to this question. Yes, religion provides a semblance of an idea, but it still does not answer why are we here. I will not elaborate on my own interpretions of religious beliefs, because as I have stated earlier, they are my own interpretations after all, and I would rather choose not to impose them upon you.

We had our second voice lesson yesterday. It was not a very highly enlightening session, but it was informative enough, indeed. The implications that I have observed though, are startling. Speaking, which comes so naturally to us, could also be reduced to such a fine and subtle art. How much more knowledge eludes us through our feeble observation and sensations? Perhaps everything has a trick to it; just that we have to discover how. Or could this be attributed to a simpler or should I say a more encompasssing field of study, the field of psychology?

Back to the lesson itself, we were focusing more on how we deliver the speech rather than how we speak per se. It might seem to be the same, but there is a thin red line separating the both of them. To cut a long explanation short, the deliverance would be the dynamics of the talk, while the speaking would be the mechanics of the speech. (What about statics? – If you don’t get this, don’t worry. It is a stupid and lame physics joke)

Well, even though I say this, I guess I am looking forward to the next lesson, actually…


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  1. shOoKying said

    goodluck…have ur best condition for exam…=)

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