Sleep Deprivation

Well, not sleeping enough for a whole week have many ways to get to you, and none of those ways are going to be much fun at all. But then again, this is your body’s way of telling you you should not continue to indulge in this lifestyle or prepare to suffer the consequences. *Sigh* I should really rest myself after all; maybe a breath of fresh air or a little trip outside will do me a ton of good.

Moving on down the spectrum, it would seem that I owe the school quite a sum of money; the sports complex fees. True to its name, perhaps, my school have a way of squeezing money out of you, no matter who you are. The rewards that the school gives to the seemingly excellent students, however, are also very generous. Perhaps what Sai said was right, our school just scouts out the potential five or six among the whole cohort and nurture those talents by giving them all sorts of chances and winning all sorts of prizes. The rest are plain ignored and left to rot.

Looking at things again (since Honour’s Night just passed), maybe Sai was not so wrong after all. But that hardly means a thing to me; if I get the chance, good, but if I don’t, I will conjure up my own chances. That is what I have been doing so far, and I am not letting it down now. On a darker note, I bumped into a person yesterday that had a suspiciously similar bag to the one that I had lost a few months ago. No point accusing him though, since I have no proof or witness. I do not think my powers of deduction are wrong though, from my observation of other individuals that are up and about.

Moving on, our KI lessons are going on just fine. Today, we touched on the issue of God and his influence in the world. One of my fellow students said, quoted verbatim, ‘I could not imagine a world without a God’. While calling him a bigoted chauvinist would be a bit too much (and also hypocrisy, perhaps), I cannot help but think back, ‘I could not imagine a world with a God’. While this might be a bit of an extreme, I just find it hard to see God as more than a social construct in this world. This is perhaps rather unbecoming of my agnostic stand; maybe it is sleep deprivation again.

Argh, might as well I get some sleep before I rant on some more. Sayonara.


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  1. Debz said

    nice layout!!! clean and uncluttered.. nice…

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