Four Days Down The Road…

Four days from my last entry, I feel much better. The horrible feelings that had lingered in my veins for the last few days have finally dissipated amidst a wreckage of test papers and mock examination papers. Seriously, this had not been a comfortable week at all, with the incoming pressure from the Promotional Exams, Project Work failures (again…) and, not to mention the downcast mood placed on the school by the seniors who just got their Preliminary Examinations scores. Nope, it has not been good, but I just hope it was the bottom of the gorge; I would want to look only up from now on.

The weekend was spent pretty lethargically, with mostly reading of manga and some mathematics and KI. The exams… (NO!! Doing them once was bad enough. No recalling!) Well, there was this interesting piece on the newpaper today though. Apparently, one of our seniors in NUS (An ASEAN Scholar – from Malaysia even) was caught and charged with attempted murder. *O.O* Well, there goes the image of Malaysian Scholars. *sigh* He pushed his girlfriend onto the MRT track while the train was incoming. Luckily, the girl ran toward the side of the tracks, so she was unhurt.

What the human mind is capable of nowadays… is terrifying. A double degree holder resorting to such a crude method, but then again, his doctor said that his mentality was unstable. Four days down the road, and many things changes.

P.S. Apparently, Esther got the Wirawati Cemerlang or something award from her KN stint. Congratulations to her, I suppose, not that she will read this… Haha…


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  1. Debz said

    hope you don’t succumb to insanity and push someone of the tracks.. that was appalling what he did..

    must be a post-degree thing.. study too much =P

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