Change Is Inevitable, Except From Vending Machines

Everything changes over time, especially people. As most of my friends finally acclimatize to the more challenging life of the pre-university level, I find myself missing my old school more and more. Everything that goes on so leisurely in that sleepy old school is takes on a different pace here. It might also be me getting lazier though, but I don’t think my study patterns have changed too much even if I am about 500 kilometers and twelve months away.

Is it just me (definitely not), but why had studying suddenly become a chore for us? Is it because of boredom, or the dead monotony of the subjects? It is not likely to be boredom, because we are learning new things everyday (overly optimistic maybe, but quite true). It would also be illogical to say the subjects are monotonous, for the fields are diverse, so are the lessons (supposedly). What then killed off our interest in the bright new world of knowledge?

Perhaps, it is the competition. The desire to best others deep within us, that in our earlier years were our greatest driving force, have seemingly waned over time, or we have been taught the twin virtues of subtlety and humility, and as such, have dulled this spirit. We no longer feel the exhilaration of studying, just a dead dread of the exams that are in front of us. When we score badly, we fear because we have not been coping. When we score well, we fear for we have to maintain the scores for the next exams. Such are the expectations placed upon us. Such is the fear that those expectations have generated.

Why do we study? So that we could get a good job? Then, we will slave over our job (unless you get one you like, which happens to very few people) for the next few decades, provided death and taxes do not claim us first. Of course, we can take the odd vacation here and there to get away from the stress of work, but you still have to return eventually. Not even the richest man in the world can afford to slack off, or risk having his whole fortune taken away from him in an stroke of betrayal.

Some might say, oh, this for the future, so that we will have a good life beyond. How true can this statement be? We do not hold the key to the future, nor can we predict it. Others will say, such is life, why adopt a pessimistic view? Why not be happy? How very true, but then, you are just avoiding the point of this discussion. We should also be happy studying, why are we not then? Do we not know that our lives will get worse in the corporate world? Yet our spirits are still as dead as a corpse.

You may choose to disagree, that is your choice, and this is by no means an exhaustive discourse. It just serves to raise the question for your minds to ponder. Finally, you might ask, why is the title and the content of this entry so different? The answer to that question, my friends, is also for you to ponder.


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  1. mediocre said

    Forgive me for my lengthy comment, but I found your post interesting.

    Quote:”Perhaps, it is the competition.”

    While I tend to agree with you that competition deviates you from the true aim of learning, I can’t imagine studying without competition. (Perhaps for other people, but certainly not for me.) Without competition human may just be somekind of primitive organism floating on the sea. You told me that earlier.

    Quote:”I find myself missing my old school more and more”
    Have you heard such phrase before?
    “The man outside the castle wants to rush in, the man inside the castle wants to rush out.”
    Pardon me for my poor translation. It is initially in Chinese.

    Give some discernment to the phrase. I am the man outside, you are the man inside.

    All the best to you. Wish you good luck.

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