Roll Call

Sometimes, I really do not understand the necessity of such an obsolete system. I mean, who needs manual taking of attendance when you have a facility literally crawling with cameras, hidden cameras (there are…) and locked steel doors? As one of my more ‘optimistic’ friends put it, this ‘joint’ is almost a fully-fledged correction facility. Does a correction facility full of delinquents need to take attendance every night? Maybe, maybe not, even… How about a hostel full of scholars?

Consequentialism. This was one of the replies I had received regarding my problems. It states that I should always consider the consequences of a certain action before taking it, and that I should always take the course of action that brings the least trouble upon my hapless self. A philosophy that the wise would ascribe to, but one that I would refuse to follow completely. The older generation would probably shake their heads and attribute this to teenage rebelliousness. *Sigh*

This would probably not be the first time that youth had stood up to the more established elders of society and challenged their rigidity in the face. Nor will it be the last. This is not the old China; there will be no Tiananmen Square. However, you can still bet that retribution will be swift and merciless. Such is the rule of this world, and as such it will stay until the end of time, lest those in the position of power choose to end this practice. It is, unfortunately, highly unlikely that this would come to pass; people in positions of power are too intoxicated by the influence they wield to give it up willingly.

One of the greatest corrupters of mankind, power. And it will and shall continue to plague mankind till the end of time. Haha, what an innocent looking title for such a deep and controversial topic. The work, frustration and vacation blues must be getting to me. Signing off…


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