The feeling of finally untangling yourself from a large load of work is incredible. Instantly, you feel much lighter (not only mentally, but also physically, or at least, I would like to think so) and much more relaxed, and in tune with the world around you. Holiday kicked off with a visit to the Computer Fair at Expo (I seem to be going there a lot lately) and scouting out prices for some upgrades. I ended up buying a 1GB MMC Card for my handphone (won’t need to bother to upgrade anymore) and some empty DVDs. *winks*

My parents came down on Saturday for a visit, and this sparked off a huge cleaning spree that ended with a clean fan (have not bothered to clean it since I entered the hostel – not that we have the proper equipment for it either) and a much-cleaner room. My desk is still in a mess, but it doesn’t bother me much, so, I probably won’t start yet. *lazy me* Then, they whisked me off to JB for one night, and sufficient to say, the night and the next day passed on rather uneventfully, with the exception of some late-night-reading-addiction returning and a rather disappointing buffet breakfast at New York Hotel.

Coming back, my parents sent me down to Bugis, to repair my laptop’s bluetooth card, but it seems that this warranty is only covered by HP, and I have to send it by mail. *drats* Well, at least, now I know it. This morning, we had a Chemistry Test online. Most people did not take it seriously (some even forgot). Hence, my conclusion upon this matter would be, if they include the marks in CA, all of us will be in deep trouble.

One of the prevalent topics that comes out in my chatrooms lately would be the idea of gender and equality. Considering the interesting effects gender have on the human psyche, I think I might just choose this for my IS. Makes for interesting studies… Ahem-ahem…


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