The End of A Term

Finally, Term 3, the single most hectic term so far, has ended. The final day itself, a presentation for Teacher’s Day, had been a very nice experience for all of us, not unique to the teachers. The performances put up by the students were good, but the remixed song by Mr. Barry Woolhead, one of the foreign teachers, would easily take the first prize. His re-enactment of the students refusing to answer questions posited by teachers were fully expressed in the song “When You Say Nothing At All” and the other remixed song, reflected fully our behaviour in lectures; “Wake Me Up When The Lecture Ends”.

Rewinding to the previous night, the Malaysian Scholars celebrated National Day. It was a refreshing event, even Mr. David Loh (One of the teachers in charge of scholars in ACJC) came for the event. I was reminded of the patriotic celebrations in my previous secondary school, and the sound of patriotic songs blaring through the school loudspeakers throughout Merdeka Month. A bit nostalgic, but not enough to make me want to sing them non-stop. Still, I participated in the events (Okay, maybe I still have some respect for my country, regardless of what I choose to say) and found myself feeling a bit weird, for I actually missed them. (A side effect of conditioning for eleven years?? Maybe…)

The truth may be that no matter how adaptable we may be and how much we change, there will still be a shred of that old us buried somewhere in our psyche. It might just be that we have to dig that shred back out… Perhaps my old, more comfortable and happy personality might return then?


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  1. janene said

    u were feeling patriotic? haha..i was too busy enjoying myself to even bother about independence/loving my country ;}

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