Project Work

Today is finally the day in which we have to pass up our final draft for the Project Work Written Report. Amidst the week filled with double-spacing (I am still subconsciously do so) and editing, the WR finally feels more like a WR. However, sad to say that we are far from done, as the report still needs much work, and this draft had more of a first draft feel to me.

I had lost the exhilaration of releasing and dumping my feelings in my blog, mainly due to the annoying thread of threat that hangs precariously above my head. That, however, might not be the only reason. The words that flow out also has to bear some weight of responsibility. How typically Singaporean! As perhaps is said by Rousseau, we all may be bound by this unseen social contract that we have with the state. Mine has a manifestation though, and it is perhaps now lurking in some dark, dank corner in the Ministry’s Archives.

Therefore, it is hard to say just whatever I wish to spout out to my heart’s content. Mischanneled stress, maybe? Perhaps I should try to find another method…


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