At A Loss

For once, I am at a loss at the horror of facing and choosing a choice out of the infinitely huge pool of choices out there. It would definitely seem ironic, since I was the one who endeavoured and sacrificed much of my time to keep those seemingly torturous choices within my grasp. So many pathways, but only one choice could be made…

I noticed my posts are getting shorter… Probably the business of life here is getting to my mind; I seem to have lost the spur to write in length, and tried to keep things concise. It might also be because of Project Work and its annoying word limit; not that we will come within a whisker of a chance to wish for much more though. But i think the most likely factor is the swirl of all sorts of ideas running through my head right now; Le Chatelier, Mielin, Huxley, Elijah, Schroedinger, Kant; stop spinning my head, please…

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