A New Week

Thursday last week, I attended a biology lecture on classification of plants. It was conducted by one of the alumni of ACJC who got 4th in the International Biology Olympiad. (Scary…) The lecture was highly technical in nature, and on the whole, quite dry, not that I am not that used to it, owing thanks to KI and Ethics. Our throats were spared the parching treatment though; his powerpoint slides were at quite interesting, and they helped conveyed the point across better. Talk about a picture telling a thousand words.

On Friday ended with a little surprise for all of us. Channel News Asia came to film our KI lecture! However, just as we got warmed up to put on a lively philosophical debate, they told us that it was Teachers’ Day presentation, and hence, we have to be on our best behaviour (Duh… Are we seven?) and it will be a GP-KI hybrid lecture, which is not exactly what we had in mind. It went on fairly well, without a hitch. I did have an overwhelming urge to do something weird though, since my whole body was feeling uncomfortable. (Talk about feeling self-conscious O.O) Luckily, I managed to suppress that urge and thus, live to suffer another day.

The weekend went on fairly well, with some work done here and there. Well, Monday is a day of deadlines, and I have a fair lot of them… Let’s get to work, again…


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  1. shOoKying said

    wei..take car3 ah..^^

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