KI Symposium

Finally, the long-awaited getaway, the KI Symposium at Hwa Chong Institution. Honestly speaking, I was not very much excited until the fact came that KI students get to skip the Mother Tongue Mock Exam by going to the symposium. That sole fact got the whole school to have a sudden impulse to take Knowledge and Inquiry (or at least all the students involved in Mother Tongue, anyway) just to escape the Mock Exam.

Upon arrival at the canteen, most of us was thinking of sampling Hwa Chong food. Turns out HCI food was rather good, and this fact is further enhanced with the fact that it was quite cheap. The symposium itself, however, was not very flexible. Firstly, we could not change rooms to the lectures we like, and secondly, the lectures themselves were rather disappointing, and was not entirely to my taste. Not to say they were bad, I mean, the ‘Chicken Crossing Road’ and ‘The ? of God’ lecture had quite interesting presentations, but the arguments, when analysed were either missing or circular.

Perhaps we should remember that they too are students, and so are we…


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