No, I did not go to Kuala Selangor to watch the fireflies. I was just kindly reminded of them as I peered out from the Tanah Merah MRT station on my way back to the hostel earlier tonight. The shadows of the trees looked exactly like the swamp trees I had seen on my firefly trip to Kuala Selangor.

The trip had been a very exhausting one, because we reached there quite late at night, at about 10 pm. (Pardon my memory faculties; they are a bit fuzzy) We took a boat trip to find the fireflies at their natural habitat. It seems they eat the tree’s sap (Can’t remember what tree was it already) and they also live on the tree. Originally, the guide told us that night was not a good night to see fireflies.

His prediction held true for a while anyway, for we failed to see much of them. Later on, however, we came upon a few trees that was teeming full of fireflies. It seems like someone had put a lot of Christmas lights on a swamp tree and set them alight. Only difference is probably that the light is less striking, but still picturesque nonetheless.

Looking back at that time, I realise I have really lost the sense of wonder of the world. Only thinking back at those fireflies, I could say I have been there, done that, and there is less or no more wonder or bewilderment when I return, because I, or more precisely, we, have learnt to expect them. Or as Sophie’s World put it, we are all snuggling deep into the rabbit’s fur, oblivious or simply indifferent to what happens or is happening to the world outside.

Where has our sense of wonder gone? That is a question to ponder…



  1. shOoKying said

    fireflies sure very cute de lor??y din brought me went de..haha..just jk..=p

  2. ally. said

    haha. i saw fireflies when i went to kota tinggi in may for an Interact trip… they were really really pretty đŸ˜€ hee. made all the bushes and stuff look like glowing christmas trees.

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