Feelings and Emotions

Sunny rain, as a friend of mine put it… Joy and sorrow can mix very well together, even if they are contrasting feelings. It becomes a really strong feeling that no one could really comprehend, let alone explain. It is comfortable, yet it is also uncomfortable at the same time. Ah, what a paradox it is! It drowns all other feelings, and threatens to rip your mind and your sanity, apart. (When it becomes strong enough, obviously) At times, the feelings and emotions we harbor could really be the bane of us.

In times like this, I really wonder why feelings were evolved by humans. If I accept the Christian theological point of view, then, God created humans in his image. Hence, for us to have feelings, God should also have it too, since we are like shadows of him. However, considering that feelings only tormented us through our worldly trails, and being the benevolent and omnipotent God that he is, God could have alleviated our feelings to free us from our sorrow. Yet, our feelings are still with us, at times, lifting us up high, and on other occasions, throwing us into the depths of sorrow.

Even from the evolutionist point of view, it is illogical to have feelings. Taking natural selection as the main dogma, it is evident that the individuals who survive better are those that could not ‘feel’ at times, for our emotions only hamper us in times of great danger because they cloud our thought and logic when we need them to escape from a do-or-die scenario. Yet again, all humans today still have feelings. Is the self-preservation instinct programmed into us faulty then?

Well, the debate about feelings and emotions could go on and on, yet logic and reasoning still fails to solve the mystery as to why humans have feelings. Perhaps, the world need not be so logical after all…



  1. mediocre said

    It is evident that your post is saturated with feelings and emotions as well…….lol

  2. ally. said

    haha. logic never solves anything. and feelings can never be explained soo. it’s not really of any use to try (: whee.

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