Overdue Confessions

This week has also been a long week for me. Work always have a nasty way to continue flowing on and on, somewhat like a river, only this river current is increasing at close to an exponential rate and threatens to destroy the bank that holds it in place. (Maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but hey, who cares – it is close enough a rendition after all) Maybe it is time I started paying much more attention to my work instead of taking little breaks during them whenever I could.

The two tests on Physics and Mathematics had served their purpose well. They had unnerved me enough for my anxiety to go up another notch for the upcoming Promotional Exams. Although throughout my experience as a student, teachers always exaggerate the difficulty of the exams, I just am not in the mood to really risk my neck. After all, I am already in a warm-enough soup, hence, I should not fan the fire anymore. A nice resolution, but I wonder how long can I stick to such an idealistic resolution?

Another issue that plagues my mind is the NUS Research Issue. After so many cancellations, I think we are closer to calling the research off than really be able to find any sort of breakthrough before the Singapore Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF) looms in the horizon. Call it ego, but, I still do not want to leave SSEF empty-handed, if possible, any award would do right now. Meanwhile, the other project on mathematics was also hanging by just a thread, since our supervisor had yet to come back from overseas. However, it is an independent research after all, perhaps I really should work something into the framework of the Game Theory.

Closer to home, we have the Project Work going on too. Although some research today had helped cement my confidence on the project by a few notches, the problem remains that the project had a ‘castle on the clouds’ atmosphere to it. (Meaning that it feels highly improbable rather than feasible – which is the air that all projects are supposed to emmanate) At least we will still have one more meeting tomorrow, guess that also means overtime work tonight, adding on to an already annoyingly heavy homework load. Well, I guess I will have to leave some for tomorrow after all…


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  1. ally. said

    hahaha. promos and pw will all be over soon. just chill and take it all in your stride k? 😀 no use worrying too much at this point – in any case, worrying won’t help, it’ll usually only make things worse (:

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