Another Long Week

Funny how time seems to slow down when you are doing something that you dread to do. Perhaps a new postulate of science can be put forth, that time is not only relative to speed, but also relative to mood. When your mood is low, time will slow down to a crawl. In short, time changes in the way which would cause you the most pain and embarrassment. Or that is how it used to be, and still is now…

The weeks have stopped getting as bad though. I may be tired, but I am coping much better nowadays. Couple that with my rather surprising result of AABBBB for my term, I finally got some confidence to continue living here. But, as far as I know and am concerned, much harder work is looming ahead, and that is not the least bit consoling. Perhaps I should start giving up my CCAs after all. And did I mention, I got a presidential post. At least, something, I guess…



  1. syfang said

    oi..hmm..i dun know how to said..”gambate” to u studies u friend..will support u ya..=)if u x happy find me at msn la..i will always ready to be u listener oh..

  2. Mediocre said

    Among the people I have known, you are the most matured. I know, not just believe, that you can achieve success there. Adversities are only temporary—-they will be your avenue to success.

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