I was wondering, if I wrote down everyday that was interesting to me, I would have to write down every single day, for something out of the ordinary is beginning to happen everyday. Somehow, an event will crop up, demanding either your attention or cooperation, or in the case of no event, an emergency or a problem will manifest itself. Somehow, life has started its awful revolution about these axes, and the axes are not very forgiving to life itself.

Today was the Experiences 2006 in Singapore. It is a day where US universities come down to woo some international (guess foreign sounds too detached) students to join their faculty. And as are usual with all education fairs, you tend to bump into many familiar faces, even more so when there are only that many booths there, and there are that many people in Singapore after all. I am beginning to suspect, if you live here long enough, eventually, you will be able to meet everyone in Singapore. Well, as we (went with Eve and Howard) inquired around, it seems that the courses are not cheap at all, and the scholarships are close to an impossible affair to get. As the term goes, if you get one, you might as well strike a lottery. *lol*

After the exhausting affair with walking around the Exhibition Area, I returned to the hostel for the Music Performance here. It was a performance by the hostel residents for the hostel residents (plus some teachers). To be honest with myself, they were quite good, and I was rather pleasantly surprised to find out that some people that I know and would not suspect to have musical talent, possess quite a lot of it. Guess we should learn not judge a book by its cover.

Haih… The world is a big place, and we are all denizens searching for a niche on this gigantic piece of rock. Can we really find it? Not many has achieved that. Speaking of achievements, I failed to do much homework this weekend, due to the numerous events going on. Guess will have to start now, back to work!


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