The Sum of a Hectic Week

I obviously had no idea how hectic J1 life can be until this week comes to pass. Everyday, we have something extra to do on top of homework, and catching up on studies. Come on, life is supposed to be leisurely journey which we can take some time off and breathe, but this is more like an all the way uphill roller-coaster ride that gives you just enough time to take one breath before plunging in again. And from the looks of it, as implied by the seniors, this will only get worse. (I wonder how – I am only sleeping only about 4 hours a day on weekdays already)

Wednesday was the climax of Mother Tongue Week, culminating in a series of competitions that are held by the Malay Clutural Society in conjunction with the so-called Malay Day. There were debating, poetry-recital, public speaking and quiz competitions. There was also an Amazing Race competition, based on Malay pantun as clues. Taking part in the poetry-recital competition, I was suprised to get a second, for I did not bother to practice at all, and just jumped right in. The first was good though; he could actually recite a syair, which is definitely tougher than a sajak. Perhaps that got him the points. I was also gifted some batu seremban from the seniors, apparently, they were giving it out, all the cultural stuff, I mean.

Thursday marks the Exco Interviews for Science and Maths Council, and Malay Cultural Society (Khairul kind of asked me to go); and also the screening of Serenity by the KI teachers. The Exco interview for Science and Maths Council went okay, I hope, whereas the interview for MCS, well, let’s just say that we will be having troubles on a scale unseen before if I get an exco in all these three clubs. I missed the screening of Serenity though, because I forgot about it and went home after the interviews. I was too mentally exhausted, actually. I watched it later though, and it was not all that bad.

Continuing on to Friday, it was a simultaneous Editorial Board and TCVR meeting. Honestly, I will have to drop either one soon before I lose my head. And choices are rather tough to make. Perhaps, I am actually the only one who dragged dropping out of clubs till so far into the schooling year. Other multi-CCA people would have already dropped out of the CCAs faster than you can pronounce ‘onomatopoeia’. And thank you for the extra homework in TCVR. (sarcasm) Saturday was CIP day and we are to teach 8-11 year old kids how to do poetry. It was pleasant to see that they could actually string together for a poem (be it haiku or limerick) in English, when even last year, most of my peers have some problems writing even a proper essay in English. There was this one kid, Matthew, who was initally very shy, but opened up later. He has a passion for writing, not dissimilar to mine when I was his age. Good luck on future writing endeavours, Matthew.

It would seem that I have avoided mentioning schoolwork in my blog. Actually, I was leaving it for later, because it is too depressing. Recounting the homework, I have a substantial number of tutorials in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics; an essay in both Biology and KI and the EoM for Project Work is also due. Even leaving out all the Singapore Physics Olympiad tutorials, this is already a good way to crush yourself under notes. (just exaggerating – but it’s close) Man, I need a vacation!


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