Presidents, Laureates and Invigilators

Monday turned out to be quite an eventful day in school. Our school finally has its new Student Council (the 31st) sworn in in a grand event. It seems most of the councillors invited their secondary school juniors to come along and watch the invigilation too. The hall was packed, and our class was relegated to the back of the hall. (A fact that I was very happy about : Being in the front-most row in assembly has the tendency to drive you nuts, especially those who like to visualise during long, boring stretches of speech) This is also one of the occasions that everyone is feeling a little bit jealous of the councillors, because they have this grand ceremony. *shrug* Thinking back about the prerfectorial board, our handing-over ceremony wasn’t half as grand.

Another thing worth mentioning during the invigilation would be the singing of our counselor, a soprano-wannabe who sings more like an chinese opera singer. Needless to say, she did not really do very well. Then, it was PE time. This week is slightly better than last week, beacuse my body has re-aligned itself to the activities again. Fast-forwarding to 2.30pm, a Nobel Laureate came to deliver a speech at ACJC. Prof. Douglas Osheroff gave a talk on reserching as a career and his research area : low temperature physics. I agree that his talk on helium-3 superfluids is very interesting and all, but to tell the truth, I did not really get half of what he said. I suspect the Secondary School students who were there too would be even more clueless on what he was saying. Hey, at least I understood some parts.

After the Osheroff talk, CWC has its official handover meeting. Actually, the exco positions were already decided last week and this week would just be some ceremonial event thingy. With the ceremonies behind us, (and probably a head concussion *jk* thanks to Kenn) we then went for dinner at Holland Village. Our super-seniors (or grandseniors) brought us to a fancy Indian restaurant that was really expensive. Luckily, it was the 2003 and 2004 CWC President treated us, otherwise, I would have been quite broke.

We arrive then at Tuesday for another PE lesson. Luckily, this time, the lesson is conducted at the gym, hence, not that much muscle pain or fatigue afterwards. Physics was next, and after a really bad Paper 2 result, I was pleasantly suprised when I only made one mistake in my objective section. Turns out I still have some luck in me after all… Then, I had to recover my exam entry slip (Curse my forgetfulness) the Physics Class yesterday at A7.13AC. Not a really nice hike up though. Later that evening, we had our Mother Tongue Listening Comprehension Exam. Luckily, it is not all that tough, but the flu and cough that I contracted just that morning did not really help much with my concentration or my marks. Now, I can just hope I do well.

Speaking of doing, can you guys leave some comments, please? It gets really boring to see the ‘No comments’ sign. Thanks.



  1. mediocre said

    That’s good. At least you got the chance to listen to a Nobel Laurate. Professor CN Yang, another Nobel Prize Winner was supposed to deliver a speech weeks ago, but MCA cancelled the event rather abruptly, without giving us a good reason. What the ****.(I couldn’t attend the science oration on Symmetry, on the same day, as it was in the morning. Heart Broken.)

  2. akira said

    regarding your last request, here you go =p

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