Singapore National Day Parade

Today was the compulsory Singapore National Day Parade for all J1 scholars, and I went for it with the same forbidding feeling that I always get with all compulsory events. Not that I am against these events, but IMHO, compulsory events are made compulsory for one reason : That they are boring, so we are sent to the slaughter. Fortunately, this one takes an unexpected twist, and as most seniors said it would be a fun experience, so I went with a lighter heart, though not by very much.

I was a little late for the event, thanks to a little stomachache, and I only arrived at Kallang MRT (where we were supposed to assemble at 2.15) a few minutes late. Actually, I (or we – because I travelled with Yuek Ling and Sangiita : fellow ASEAN Scholars) are not really late, because the mustering only started at about 3. *Talk about punctuality* And so, on foot, we headed towards the National Stadium, with the rest of the J1 ASEAN Direct Scholars, who were all there too.

As we arrived and was forced to wait for two hours before the event started, I wasn’t too suprised, as I was already expecting it. Anyway, we had our free backpack to scurry through, (Seems that they can afford a lot of free stuff, from the looks of the bag) so the waiting was not all that bad, and I at least had people some people to chat to.

When the event started, my earlier assumption was proven wrong, though. It was a really interesting event, and was really different from what I expected from a National Parade. And though it stuck to the theme of Singapore, it did plenty to remind the scholars of their own homelands. In short, it was a nice and fulfilling experience not to be missed. (Actually, I think a picture does tell a thousand words, so I will let my pictures do the talking)

StageBalloonParatrooperFlags PerformanceM16Military ColoursSea of LightsFireworks!


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  1. Howard said

    I think this year’s NDP is not as good as last year;s. In terms of programme, it is better, however, in terms of performance, last year’s better. Perade is not good as everyone just rushes to the center of the field. Besides, they emphasise too much on forming shapes, which eventually diverted our attentions from the main performance to a certain extent.

    Overall, it is still good.

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