One Fever Down, One To Go

The World Cup has finally ended. I can finally kiss the sleepless nights goodbye. However, the events that transpired in the duration of the match is worth a little discussion over though. It was one of the most unexpected finals ever (judging from the quarter-final qualifiers – not that World Cup finals ever follow the predictions)Italy vs France.

Not browsing too deep into the match particulars itself, we can say that Italy was the favorites for the Cup. And guess what, Italy did win the Cup, but in a match that will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. The headbutt that Zidane gave to Materazzi have marred the reputation of the World Cup Finals, and France (not to mention himself) tremendously. Maybe he just wanted to retire with a bang, but to all the football fans out there; that might just be the beauty of the game, eh? Ironic…

Moving on, what about the other fever? It is none other than the elections fever! A little bit off-topic, don’t you think… After all, the Singaporeans elections were just over a few months ago, and the Malaysian elections have yet to come. Yet, this is the time where most elections will take place. Yes, it is the season where club administrative power are handed down from senior to juniors.

Some schools have already gotten this season over with, but my old and current one is just getting this underway. Needless to say, this is the time where prospects and hopefuls showcase their leadership skills and talents to vie for the posts. One could go as far as to say, this is also the season where we will see the best in some, and of course the worst in all.

Well, I guess it might not just be my place to critique or judge it. After all, this happens every year. Furthermore, it also helps mature our mindsets and expose us to the realities of the world outside. Last but not least, it also give students the incentive to strive for excellence to better the club. Perhaps this has its good points after all…

P.S. There is this clip over at my friend’s website that was quite funny, especially for FF9 players. It’s amazing what people can come up with these days… ><”


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