A Tag from A Friend

10 years ago I was :

  • A shy and insignificant 7-year-old
  • Naive, clumsy and likes to talk to myself (Lonely, I guess)
  • Hates looking too far into the future (Still do now)
  • Thinks we live in the core of the earth (Don’t laugh)
  • Spends free time staring off into oblivion

5 years ago I was :

  • A carefree 12-year-old that like to play pranks
  • Likes to eat a lot (Explains my size)
  • Hot-tempered and gets into disagreements easily (Not as bad now)
  • Wander around a lot on my bike
  • Actually likes to study a lot (Can’t imagine me liking that very much now – Too tough, but I guess I still retain some interest)

1 year ago I was :

  • Studying for SPM (Duh…)
  • Struggling against power-plays in school (Don’t ask)
  • Much more sociable compared to before then
  • Wanting to get my driving licence badly (Still do now)
  • First ‘met’ the person who tagged me (Out of ideas =P)

Yesterday I was :

  • Supposed to study but was relaxing (Oops…)
  • Jubilant that half of my exams are over
  • Meeting back some college friends after a month and catching up
  • Thinking about some ridiculous stuff (Not gonna tell XD)
  • Very tired of all the World Cup cheering in my hostel (TRY HAVE A FEW HOOLIGANS IN YOUR ROOM!!!)

5 most recent songs I listened to :

  • Wrong Impression
  • 1812 Overture
  • Life (from Bleach)
  • 你是我最深爱的女人
  • 幸福一万年

5 songs I know all the words to :

  • Negaraku (Taking easy way out… Haha)
  • Tears in Heaven (Really like it)
  • Ichirin no Hana
  • 不得不爱
  • 天地有情

5 ideal places for running away to :

  • The inner sanctums of my mind
  • Taking in the wind on the rooftop of a reasonably tall building (At least 6 floors and windy)
  • Cycling down a steep hill without using brakes (Used to do it whenever I feel angry or stressed when I was young)
  • Any library (Quiet enough)
  • The Internet (Chatting, blogging, foruming, surfing or just plain reading mail or fanfiction)

5 items I really want :

  • Absolute freedom (Not impossible, but highly unlikely, haha…)
  • All ‘A’s in all my exams (Back to mugging for me)
  • A good vacation, book, manga, anime or movie (Anything I can immerse myself in)
  • My driving licence!! (Wayyyyy overdue)
  • One wish (With which I will wish for a million more 🙂 )

5 things I should be doing right now :

  • Finishing my KI essay (Haih…)
  • Mugging (Revising)
  • Get some breakfast or lunch
  • Clean up my room (Probably this weekend…)
  • Definitely not this survey (Smoke out of nostrils)

5 biggest joys in my life :

  • When SPM was over (Finally thought I was free)
  • Staring off into oblivion (When I was young)
  • Going home to Malaysia and finding my friends after ‘surviving’ here
  • Getting the top in my class for Knowledge and Inquiry (Not the least bit easy)
  • Seeing death and destruction rain around me while I am unaffected *grin of the devil* No lar… Seeing the people around me and the people I care about live happy and productive lives…

5 people I am tagging :

For those who are clueless, just answer the above questions and repost in your blog, or in the event you don’t have one, just leave your reply as a comment for this post.

  • My family (I know you are reading this… and for my parents, I would like to add a 30 years ago clause at the beginning *grins*)
  • Jun Chiet (Gave you something to write about… Now pay me! *maniacal laughter*)
  • Wan Teng (You know who you are… *dances a little dance of joy*)
  • Howard Low Han Wuen (In case you miss this… *smirks*)
  • Shook Ying (You have a blog now XD)


  1. akira said

    I am Jun chiet for those who doesnt know my identity.
    Thanks for giving me a clue/idea for my next blog topic. However frankly I dont like to recall and look back at my pass, as it’s full with flaws and I hate it. My life definately getting better as I grow older, as least for now i am thinking this.
    And I and not stubborn.

  2. Debz said

    this is interesting… u noe for a min there i din even recognize my name… hehe… i must be going blind

  3. shOoKying said

    thx to u leave a comment to me..=p thx a lot..u want get all “a” in u exam,must “jia you” lor..lols..wei..can tell me wat re u thinking about some ridiculous stuff ??haha….:p

  4. fei said

    Hey hey! finally…i visited ur blog..nice one u have here…soooo many entries! is that friend who tagged u me? if yes ar..then i should tag u more in d future! =D its so nice of u to do it…hahahahaha bez of luck in everything yeah! soli oh that time say wan2 watch mv but cant make it >

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