The End of The Holidays

The day when the holidays is drawing to an end has finally come. This time, I took a train back to my hostel. It was not a very pleasant experience, for I did not get enough sleep, but on the whole, it was not too bad. The cabins were shaking all the way, and I only managed to get a few winks of sleep before waking up everytime. Furthermore, the awkward stops here and there and also the people making a huge fuss over their leaving the train at these stops, will keep you awake from the whole night.

On the whole, I agree with the common concept that a bus is safer than a train, for people within a train can freely travel back and forth between the whole train. Should anything be stolen, it could not have been recovered easily. Besides that, a train ride is rather fine with me. The cabin was normally sized, and pretty much provides enough space for one to sleep. At least there is a toilet in the train, and a canteen, though the stuff is very expensive.

As I head back to the hostel, the familiar pang of troubles returned. All the homework, the CCAs, the CIPs, and the exam… Wait… The EXAM! Terms is coming up soon, and I had just started beginning my revision. Well, I guess I better get on with it then…


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