Love is a strange thing. It comes when least expected, turns your life upside-down, and then passes out of your life, just as suddenly as it has arrived. Some people say that to have love and lost is better than to have never been loved at all. It is true to a certain extent, for the experience itself is well worth cherishing and is also very enjoyable while it lasts. However, it is also true that love lost is unnervingly painful to the point where people have died just to liberate themselves from feeling the hurt that is inside their hearts. More painful is a wound to the heart than any other wound one could inflict on another human, furthermore when 'any other wound' can be soothed and/or treated by medication, whereas a wound of the heart can only be treated by time (a most bitter medicine) and soothed by kindness (which is getting scarcer day by day).

    And in the case of adolescents (since I am also one), it is also perhaps unfair to label an affair between adolescents as 'love', for as any adult can tell you, this feeling can be more aptly described as 'infatuation', since our mental faculties are (perhaps) not mature enough to experience the full blast of what we call love. Yet, it is this same adolescents (me included :P) that believe that what we experienced at that time is love despite what the adults claim it is, because we acknowledge and recognise the feeling deep inside us as love and would not bear to have it be called infatuation, since it would degrade the feelings that we hold so strongly, so dearly and so closely to our hearts. Perhaps this is the folly of youth. And if it is, then I can say that I had indeed paid the price of my folly and have grown and matured thanks to it.

P.S. I do believe in love that could last for a very long time, and have also heard of and seen cases where the love in a relationship have lasted for a lifetime. This ranting is probably just the result of a sudden strong urge of mine to pen down something with regards to this subject.


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  1. shOoKying said

    to me ah..i just feel tat love is a compliacted like u said turns your life upside-down, and then passes out of your life, just as suddenly as it has arrived..i agree for wat u saying….is ~true~ erm..anyway this kinds de things me i just feel tat believe it to fate n..when it wanna come…is will come de 1….lols..=p

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