The hostel has gotten considerably much more quiet now, thanks to the decrease of the residents. However, the sound balance is soon off-set by screams of "Goal!" emanating through my window every night (and every morning, to be more precise). And, somehow, the hostel has become more lively than it normally was, which is not exactly a good thing, because I needed to sleep, and I really, really enjoy the peace and quiet that I am currently enjoying.

    I have also developed a somewhat deep addiction to reading stories, probably a sub-concious effort to get rid of the boredom I am experiencing. Although I know very well that my terms are coming, and that I have a research going on, I seldom touch the materials, for the realm of imagination interests me far more currently. I shall have to force myself to begin my revising after this week, for the exams shall draw uncomfortably close by then.

    I guess nothing much interesting have happened, if any at all, this few days. Perhaps an event worthy of mention would be the Nanotechnology Research. It had went off fairly smoothly, though the session involving sitting in front of the AFM (Atomic Force Microscope) did bore the grey matter out of me. Now, I am left with the problem of interpreting the data and presenting it in a graphical format. Not too tough, as I can see so far.

    A project long neglected should also begin since my motivation for it now is rather strong. No point putting it off till another day, just to have the encouragement that was once there fizzle out and be no more. Perhaps I have been bored for too long, all that I can comprehend and pen down (or type down) right now are manipulated sentence structures that I fiddle around with occasionally when I was younger. Now, it feels like moving a thoroughly-rusted rig; I guess I better get some practice.



  1. Debz said

    lol this is reason why ear plugs were invented ^^

  2. Leon said

    reading seems so much fun when u have exams round the corner…i always finish abt 3 books the week before an exam but struggle to go thru 1 book once the papers r done đŸ˜€

  3. shOoKying said

    after read this blog..let me feel tat …erm..just wanna ask u try u best n dun give too much pressure to urself la…as u friend..i will always support u de..if got any pro or wat just find me chat at msn la…k?? =p i will try my best as till which i could help u…take care ~friend~

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