Holidays Begin!

    The holidays have finally begun! Even in the face of many troubles and activities awaiting me in the holidays, I cant fail but notice the lesser workload and the increasing amount of free time that have appeared in my schedule.

    Mentioned earlier, as most stuff has drawn to a close, there are still several events that continue to bug this happy period. For instance, the jaws of homework still refuse to free us from its ever far-reaching influence and the annoying phrase of "term exams" that also awaits us as it inches closer and closer to us.

    The hostel also have become rather quiet, different from the lively and bustling hostel during school terms. The effective end of Term 2 have enabled the departure of many students back to thier homeland, leaving only students who are involved in activities and lectures back here. It never fails to ask when they go back though, for most are still awaiting their return trip.

    Finally, relating back to the trip involving bus 36 and NR5, it was a way tiring trip. This is the absolute last time I shall embark on such an endeavour! God help those who require a second round…


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  1. Debz said

    thanks for the torrent..

    get a tagboard!!!

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