Scientific Research

     The dust have finally begun to settle down here, as we finally begin to settle down here. Things no longer feel very foreign, though there are instances when the complexity of the society and studies here take me aback. My thought, when this happens, are always bordered on the size of this nation. My views on this place has also been radically transformed since my arrival here, for there are also instances where things are less hectic, and you begin to see the true colours of life in Singapore. And it is always these instances that make you appreciate things that are in front of your eyes, but that are too obvious for you to see.

     I have also managed to grab an interview slot for the IBN Research Institute. It should be quite an interesting event, provided that I get the chance. They have quite an interesting array of researches there, ranging from nanobiotechnology to biological and biomedical imaging. I am planning to apply for the nanobiotechnology research though. However, as all applications go, I am not completely sure whether that was my best choice. No matter how, since I have chosen it, I guess I will have to stick to it now.

    Homework, which had been piling up has also become much more lenient, and has longer deadlines, due to the holidays. My best guess, terms are coming, and they expect us to study. As it is directly after the holidays, it is rather sadistic for the terms to be placed there. That prospect alone will completely ruin the holidays. Not that I will get much of a rest in the holidays anyway, though..


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