A Long Update

    This will probably be an extremely long update as it will encompass a good part of an extremely eventful week. I had been too busy as of late, and only managed an update now. Wednesday had been quite a long day, for we had three long lectures, one after another. First, came the DISC personality workshop. I have been categorised as an "Influencer", or a category where their D (Dominant) characteristic is equal to their I (Inspiring) characteristic. I guess that is not that bad… After that, there is the USA university application talk. A little enlightening, but not much to rant about though…

    On to Wednesday night and Thursday morning, my nervous levels have reached quite an advanced state. It did not help when my senior called me in the middle of the night to ask for my identity card number. It cost me a good night's sleep, that call… It was immediately apparent that he was feeling gleeful at that time… Really annoying emotion when you are sleepy, and double the annoyance when you are crazily anticipating something and someone ruins it.

    By Thursday morning, it was already evident I was not going to get the JPA Scholarships. Initially, I tried to console myself with the fact that not all the confirmed recipients are out but now, that little hope of consolation is gone. However, strangely, I feel like a burden has been lifted off my shoulders by that announcement that I failed. Unfortunately, the lifted burden did not save me from arriving late in school, though.

    Thursday passes on without much activity, besides during Detention Class. The ACJC Research teacher-in-charge gave me a call during the detention class, earning me a strong rebuke from the teacher, until I told her it was an urgent call from another teacher. Apparently, I have qualified for the project, and will likely be giving a Nanotechnology research project, which is quite good. I don't think I will be doing it alone though.

    Friday, a holiday, also marks the final scramble to study for the MiQ finals. As we are facing very capable opponents on Saturday, all of us were unwilling to squander this chance. As Friday draws to a close, another suprise was awaiting me. Apparently, my parents decided to spring me a nice suprise by visiting me in the hostel after I told them that I could not make it back for the June holidays. I guess their visit here was a good thing, since I managed to get back on track with a lot of stuff, and my mood was lifted not a little.

    Saturday arrives with much sound and fury. I had to take the ACJC flag from the school, and they gave me the flag, complete with a flagpole. At least I managed to take my parent's car to Woodlands Library, the venue of the competition. Our opponents were RJC, SAJC and MJC. The competition was tight, but we managed to snatch an early lead and continued to lead until we reached the final question. It was at that very instant that SAJC managed to snatch the answer, and that instance cost us the championship. It was terribly irritating, for we could already almost taste victory!

    Anyway, the event was followed by a horrible trudge back to ACJC with a stupid flagpole, without a flag. I must have looked ridiculous. A guy in a blazer and tie holding on to an iron rod. Had I worn a Shaolin Monk's clothing, I would not have looked so ridiculous. And all the way, the announcement 'If you see any suspicious article, please inform the staff or call 999' stuck in my head. Definitely my flagpole was very suspicious, since it looked more like an iron rod without a flag adorning it.

    Nevertheless, I survived, and managed to drag the pole back to the guard house. The arrival of Sunday too marked the return of my parents to Malaysia; it was fun while they were here, and the beginning of my trudge through three long essays, one for GPP, one for KI and the last was this current entry I am writing now. Finally, by now, I had finished the twin nightmares of the KI Perception essay and the GPP Examinations Proposal. Now, as I write this, it is a cooling down experience for my tired mind and even more tired eyes and hands. Guess some cool down and rest will do me some good before I return to school tomorrow.


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