Final Return?

    The trip back to Singapore passed quite uneventfully, just a normal bus ride… I did talk a bit to the passenger next to me though. She is also a Malaysian, albeit a Singaporean PR. When asked about which country she preferred, she avoided the question by stating there were pros and cons to every place. What she said was quite true though, and I was forced to re-evaluate my thoughts about being here.

    Monday was quite a nice day to bolster up your spirits though. I had a nice time at school, with a nice nap during assembly. It was followed up by the 2.4km run though. By some bizzare stroke of luck, I actually passed the 2.4km run, with a time of 12'24''. Quite weird, considering my sleep deprivation state.

    Lessons were as boring as ever, with an occasional gem of information here and there. The teacher also returned our Biology CA scores, I was no longer the top scorer, but it still comforts me to know I got an A grade. That brings me to the CWC meeting, the proposal for Poetry Night is supposed to be done by next week. This would not be good. It was also one of the more interesting meetings, where the teacher actually discussed some important issues with us. That's a change. O.O

    Danial also gave me a call later in the evening asking whether I dared to get on stage for the Finals. I said, I would. He is probably worried about the pressure we are all facing. After all, the MiQ finals is just around the corner, and we are not hoping to lose. This time, we will go all out and claim the championship! I got the task of revisiting war histories in the 20th century and religious research. This will certainly be interesting…

    Tuesday comes, and I failed all the NAPFA stations. Argh! There goes my hope of forgetting about NAPFA in the 3rd term. Speaking of forgetting, for the Mathematics file-check, I forgot my appointment with my Math tutor. He would probably kill me… Haih… I also skipped SPHO today, cannot really stand it anymore. However, I am still ages away from quitting… Apparently, we have some homework to do, but I dont really know what.

    Also, the tension of JPA is finally building up to an unbearable burden. Can Thursday just come and get it over with??



  1. Debz said

    hello! long time no chat…

    exams now… so i’m really busy lol

    hope you’re doin ok…
    hang in there!

  2. Suit Lin said

    Hey, Suit Lin here.
    Been reading for a while, just thought of letting you know.

    Take care and hope that the scholarship turns out well for you.

  3. James said

    Hey dude!

    Fellow CWCer here.

    You’ve got till Saturday for the proposal, no worries. 🙂

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