Physics and Biology

I have received several comments on my blog. Most found it too long and hard to digest. Therefore, I have taken the liberty to start formatting my blog with paragraphs. Hopefully, it would be easier to read now.

All this week, most people had been struggling to complete their Mathematics file. The Maths file, which had been neglected by most of us because our teachers did not really care about our homework, became a large bane on us when a surprise announcement by the Maths tutors that they will do a file check on Friday, to check our homework. It was rather bad, as I had done close to nothing the whole year (explains the problems I have with the Maths tests) and we had to rush to complete it before the deadline or risk detention.

Yesterday night had been the most annoying since, I had had quite a number of nights with too little sleep, and I have a Physics and Biology common assessment on the next day, and I have yet to finish my Malay assignment. It is at times like this when I really regret not dropping my MTL or Mother Tongue Language (technically, I should be taking Chinese, but, I dun understand Chinese because I was from a Malay school, hence the Malay MTL). When I asked the scholars from Anderson, they had already been allowed to drop their MTL, because our SPM language results are counted as Higher MTL here. However, students from AC are not allowed to drop so far. Haih…

Following up on the common assessments, they had went on fairly well, I hope. Physics will probably still give me troubles even though i understood most of the stuff, and Biology went on rather finely. I still cannot slack for next week though. There is NAPFA, and two other common tests to look ‘forward’ to. That would still pass as rather ok, because Wei Shen and Tommy have five common assessments to look forward to next week. They will be having the time of their lives, alright.

Even as I write this, I am still digging through my Maths file homework. A LOT of work to do!!


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