Chinatown Training and After…

Saturday marked my next training with the IPhO team, at Chinatown. I changed my application from SLO to LLO, though, because there is less competition for that post, I guess. But I also realize that I am giving up my chance to interact with the IPhO participants. Well, you win some, you lose some. Back to the training session, we had quite a nice time, and I met quite a number of the LLOs too. Most of them are also ACSians, making them my seniors. Haih, what to do, since I am the youngest LLO there… All had either have finished JC or are already in universities. The training itself was rather interesting, we were taught much about the histories of Chinatown, and on certain interesting facts on Chinatown. Apparently, the Trishaw Center in Chinatown once had 9000+ trishaws parked there. But now, it is only a measly few. You really could feel nostalgic visiting Chinatown, especially if you keep an eye out for its history. The old walls and buildings speak of myriads of years that has passed, and of things and events that had long been buried under the sands of time. Couple that with some modern architecture thrown in by various parties, and you feel like you have entered a curious timezone where the past and the future had collided and melded. After the training, I went for the AJ Dance Performance at Victoria Theatre. It took me quite some time to locate it, for it was rather obscure, especially when you walk from City Hall MRT Station. I don't grudge the trip though, because it led me to a couple of interesting landmarks namely, the Singaporean Supreme Court and the Civilian Death during Japanese Occupation Memorial. Returning to the dance, it was performed very well. It was thoroughly rehearsed, and the movements are surprisingly complex. I did not get the gist of the dance, though. 😛 The rest of the weekend went on to be fairly dull. Alternating between homework, food and sleep does not make much of a story to be told. This behaviour does make you fairly more susceptible to diseases though. This is probably why I got a cold, cough and running nose now. Haih…


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  1. e said


    u went and saw dance?
    for ajc?

    i never bothered… and im an ajcian .. hmmmm

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