120 Hours

My stances on certain things have finally caught up with me. Even though now is just Friday night, it seems more like that a whole month have passed between Monday morning to now… Monday began with Mass PE as usual, though it was not that bad this week, probably because NAPFA is coming up next week. We got the normal five rounds and chin-ups, but at least they gave us a little break in between. Tuesday slugged on fairly well, with little hitches here and there, and a little revelation that threw me into a low stupor. Some late night work on PI on Monday night also earned me my first detention class, making me miss the Physics Olympiad. Not too good, but not too bad either. It gave me a chance to consolidate on what I learnt from the Olympiad training sessions so far, and also have some peaceful time away from the pressures of obliging to the Olympiad, and absorbing all the tutor teaches. Wednesday marked another day of headaches. Originally scheduled to leave early, I thought I would be able to grab some shuteye in the evening. Instead, the Track & Field Finals took over my planned nap. So, instead of sleeping peacefully in the hostel, I was reduced to sitting in the top floor of the Oldham Wing, overlooking the events. The event itself was also delayed due to weather conditions, which is a rather bad thing (I would rather this be over with as fast as possible), and we had to stay there for four solid hours, bored to the core. Thursday was no less fun than Wednesday, because of our first SPA (School-based Practical Assessments). It went on rather badly, because none of us actually had much idea what to do. And after all, the teacher did not fully explain the procedures, and just took for granted that we knew. Our principal and vice-principal also decided to give the ACJC Scholars at NUS High a visit. In a much exaggerated tour, they were supposed to visit every room, yet they only went through a few rooms. Well, at least we get better food for that day… I also attended the research meeting on Thursday. The coordinator made us assure that we would not drop out before even considering us for his projects. Haih… At least, he accepts my application… Finally, Friday marks the worst day of the week so far. I was running very low on sleep, for I did not have much time to sleep at night at all, due to the heavy homework workload. Therefore, I became very prone to falling asleep, especially during lectures, because one could very easily become very cozy in the lecture theater. It took every ounce of my determination not to during today. Access cards were also handed out to us today, marking the end of an era. Students now have to tap their card to indicate attendance, in addition to having their attendance taken by their respective representatives. Also today, my Malay teacher is finally retiring. He could teach rather well, I have to admit, but he is essentially like a male version of “zombie” minus the soporific powers. In short, he is still rather boring and tends to stick to routine. The other was my Chemistry tutor, who is taking long-term leave for some personal reasons… He did not even bother to tell us he is leaving until his last day. Either he doesn’t care or he is not good at farewells. Good-naturedly, I suspected the latter. Whatever it is, they are both leaving. Funny, 5 days ago, I could have sworn these two teachers will stick to us till the end of the year. Just 120 hours, and my life has changed substantially! Aih, better grab some sleep now though, I can sense the fatigue running in my veins. Any longer, and I will fall asleep in front of the computer. Adios!


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